An Amazing Journey for Timorese Baby

Our West Australian ROMAC team had a wonderful experience with two year old heart patient Bakita and her mother Rita after their arrival in Perth.

As mother and baby were not able to speak English, the Perth ROMAC team had a difficult job in communicating! Mother and baby were accommodated very comfortably initially at Ronald McDonald House. They came with very little clothing and a shopping spree was enjoyed at the Belmont Forum. Luckily a Tetum speaking lady (Diana) was able to visit and act as interpreter.

Bakita had an Echo Cardiogram at Princess Margaret Hospital and then saw Dr Stephen Shipton who explained all aspects of Bakita’s surgery and the options available. Diana explained everything to Rita, as the hole in Bakita’s heart was larger than first seen on information received from East Timor and further X-rays were necessary. And then, the big day, surgery to correct Bakita’s heart at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Joan Varian, ROMAC’s former Regional Manager for Western District accommodated Bakita and Rita for a few nights and rose to great heights in making a Timorese meal for her visitors.

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