Minh Nguyen Southern Region Chair

Minh Nguyen has been a member of the Rotary Club of Keilor East, Victoria, D9800, since 1999. He was also a member of ROMAC in 2003-2006. Minh has a background in mechanical engineering and retired from his job as a project manager in 2022.

Southern Region District Chairs

District Name Email
9780 Desley Beechey  d9780chair@romac.org.au
9790 Bruce Walker  d9790chair@romac.org.au
9800  d9800chair@romac.org.au
9810 Gavin McIntyre  d9810chair@romac.org.au
9820 Heather Browning  d9820chair@romac.org.au
9830 Madelaine Logan  d9830chair@romac.org.au