Rotary Clubs and Districts
Young Antonio with his mum Josefa, assisted by former ROTARY D9675 ROMAC Chair, Maria.

District Committee and Hosting Club Role

Rotary Clubs and Districts provide most of our volunteers, including committee members and hosts. Members of the ROMAC District Committee are responsible for the day to day management of the ROMAC patient and their parent/guardian and will co-ordinate with members of the Hosting Club.

Hosting Clubs are encouraged to take an active interest in the care and support of the patient and their parent/guardian during their stay, but it is a matter for each Hosting Club to decide its level of involvement. A “Guide for Hosting Rotary Clubs” is available to assist clubs to determine their level of involvement in activities such as:

  • Patient arrival and departure
  • Hosting and/or liaison with carer families
  • Visits to Rotary meetings with patient and parent/guardian
  • Transport to medical appointments
  • Hospital visitation